How to Build Trust

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Some relationships, like family relationships/work relationships, are thrust upon you. Other relationships are sought-out.

These sought-out relationships are often relationships with individuals who you believe can add value to your life.

I call these Power Relationships.

Power Relationships are relationships with individuals who are Influencers or people who may not be Influencers but who, nonetheless, add value to your life, in some way.

The self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study made a habit of building Power Relationships. To the wealthy in my Study, Power Relationships were like gold.

They used strategies such as the Hello Call, The Life Event Call and The Happy Birthday Call. They also built Power Relationships by joining local, community-based nonprofits, whose board members were typically the most successful individuals within the community in which they lived.

How do you get Power Relationship-types to want to build a relationship with you? What are these Power Relationship-types looking for in those they agree to build relationships with?

In short, Trust. Power Relationships build relationships with people they can trust.

So, how do you create Trust?

Trust is built in one of six ways:

#1 Respect

One way to build a relationship with someone is to gain their Respect. Respect means you have demonstrated that you have certain valuable knowledge or valuable skills that create credibility in the eyes of the individual you seek to build a relationship with. People who matter will invest in a relationship with someone they Respect. They will avoid building a relationship with someone they do not Respect.

#2 Investment

Another way is to Invest time in building a relationship with someone you desire. This is where the Hello Call, Life Event Call, Happy Birthday Call and joining non-profits strategies are used.

#3 Consistently Meet Expectations

When you consistently meet the expectations of others, they will grow to Trust you. When you fail, even once, to meet expectations, that Trust will be lost.

#4 Interests Are Aligned

Even enemies can build trust with each other when their interests are aligned. This is more of a Transactional Trust, meaning the Trust is temporary, or transactional.

#5 Word of Mouth

When enough people see you as Trustworthy, they will spread the word to their inner circle, or social networks, that you can be Trusted. This is all about Social Proof. Because you’ve proven to others that you can be trusted, your inner circle or social networks will advocate to others that you can be trusted.

#6 Gravitas

Some people command respect because of who they are: Celebrities, CEOs, Political Leaders, Community Leaders, Wealthy/Successful people. This is really about building a strong enough Brand, as an individual. Those who have Gravitas, immediately command the respect of people they do not know. If your Brand is very strong, you can build relationships with almost anyone you desire.


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