How To Find Your Calling in Life

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All individuals, by virtue of their genes, are born with certain innate talents that set them apart from others. Only through experimentation will you be able to discover what those talents are. You have to throw a lot of mud at the wall and pursue numerous different activities in order to reveal your inborn talents.

Most don’t do this. Instead, they focus on two or three activities (baseball, soccer, piano, etc.) and spend most of their childhood years devoted to those limited activities. That formula will never reveal your true inborn talents.

Only a small percentage are encouraged, at an early age by their parents, to experiment with different activities. They are the lucky ones.

The brain communicates to you the existence of an innate talent by infusing you with passion when you happen to stumble upon an innate talent. Passion acts like a catalyst in driving you to continuously engage in activities you were born to do. Passion allows you to focus like a laser in perfecting your innate talent. Passion gives you the emotional energy that enables you to engage in your innate talents for many hours every day, for many years, and for many decades. Eventually, you will become an expert in your innate talent. And experts are always paid a premium for the products or services they provide.

The few who are passionate about what they do for a living are almost always the ones who have discovered an innate talent and then devoted their lives to perfecting that talent.

Everyone has innate talents. So, no matter your age, get into the habit of experimenting with different activities. Only through experimentation will you find that which you were born to do. Once found, you will be infused with a passion that will energize you to engage in that activity for the rest of your life. Happiness and money will then follow.



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