Successful People Don’t Play the Blame Game

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Life has a way of going wrong. When things go wrong, our natural inclination is to blame someone or some thing. This knee jerk reaction helps protect our fragile egos, by taking individual responsibility for our actions, out of the equation. Blame is anchored in negativity and negativity is the default mode for those who are unsuccessful in life.

Spend just one day listening to and writing down every excuse you hear from others or from your own internal self-talk. It will open up your eyes. 

Even for the most successful people, things often go wrong. But what separates the successful from the rest of the world is that they refuse to play the blame game. Instead, they make a habit of owning their failures and mistakes.

Successful people are often described as being persistent – they simply do not surrender to adversity. And they do not surrender to adversity because they accept responsibility for their blunders and this empowers them to take action to fix what went wrong.

Taking individual responsibility for things that go wrong is not easy to do. Refusing to play the blame game is a habit that must be forged over time. You create that habit by saying: “I am responsible”, every time something goes wrong.


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  1. Diane on July 8, 2021 at 9:07 PM

    What a great reminder to take full ownership of the good and the bad!