How to Reprogram Your Beliefs

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We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes the self-talk is verbal and sometimes non-verbal.

Non-verbal self talk are thoughts that pop into our minds from time to time and usually follow immediately after something happens such as a conversation, action, event, etc.

Verbal and non-verbal self-talk act as mini computer apps that infiltrate our subconscious (limbic system and brain stem) and program our minds a certain way.

Self-talk can be positive or negative. Examples: “I always give great advice.” or “Why do I always say stupid things?”

This programming can strengthen or change your beliefs. Daily habits are formed as a result of your beliefs. Habits are patterns of behavior. This behavior can be constructive or destructive.

We have the capacity to consciously control and alter all verbal and non-verbal self-talk.

How to re-program your beliefs by changing your self-talk:

  1. Evaluate all verbal and non-verbal self-talk that occurs for one week. Maintain a log book and write down all self-talk that occurs for one week.
  2. Use a highlighter and highlight all negative self-talk that occurs during that week.
  3. In week two make an effort to catch yourself engaged in negative self-talk.
  4. Say “cancel” every time you catch yourself engaged in negative self-talk.
  5. Replace the negative self-talk immediately with positive self-talk to counter the negative programming.
  6. The positive self-talk must be in the present tense and represent a future state. This will be uncomfortable because you will be programming a lie. The subconscious cannot distinguish between the truth and a lie but the conscious (neocortex) can. The conscious will challenge the positive self-talk lie and will attempt to correct it. Nonetheless, keep canceling the negative self-talk and replacing it with positive self-talk.
  7. Continue this process until the new positive self-talk re-programming begins to alter your beliefs. This can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days. Emotions accelerate your self-talk re-programming. When positive self-talk is coupled with strong emotion the re-programming takes hold much quicker.
  8. Once you change your beliefs, your behavior (your daily habits) will automatically change. Habits are a byproduct of your beliefs.