Requirements Needed in Order to Build Wealth as a Saver-Investor

Rich Habits
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Not everybody has what it takes to build wealth as a Saver-Investor.

So, what does it take?

  1. Middle-Class Income – It’s hard to save when you are poor. Most of the poor are barely able to meet the costs of even a low standard of living. But, if you have a middle-class income and keep your standard of living low, this will give you the ability to save.
  2. Discipline – The typical Saver-Investor saves 20% or more of their income and lives off what’s left. This requires discipline in saving first and discipline in minimizing how much money you spend.
  3. Consistency – Saver-Investors consistently save and consistently invest their savings so that their wealth can grow every year.
  4. Time – It takes an average of 32 years for a Saver-Investor to accumulate their wealth. 

In my Rich Habits Study the Saver-Investors accumulated an average of $3.3 million. This path requires that you start early – almost immediately upon entering the adult work force. If you start later in life, and still desire to retire wealthy, you will have to increase your savings rate by 10% for every ten years you failed to save. And you will have to work longer. For example, if you decide to pursue the Saver-Investor Path in your mid-thirties, you will have to increase your annual saving to 30% of your net income and work into your mid-sixties. If you start in your mid-forties, you will have to increase your annual savings to 40% of net income and work into your mid-seventies.



  1. Nicholas Harper on December 16, 2020 at 8:51 AM

    This path to wealth may take some getting used to but obviously it works. Thanks for sharing.