Life is a Mirror

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The circumstances of your life are a mirror of your habits, beliefs, emotions and your thinking.

You see this mirror effect at work all the time. Someone walks into a room, smiling, happy and upbeat. Their very presence affects everyone in the room, in a positive way.

You also see the mirror effect at work when someone enters a room with a scowl on their face, negativity dripping off them like sweat. Their presence affects everyone in the room, in a negative way.

What’s behind all this?

Mirror neurons.

Mirror neurons are brain cells that cause us to unconsciously mimic the actions, emotions, habits and thinking of those around us.

Researcher Paul Marsden, University of Sussex, summarized his research on the effects of mirror neurons, stating that not only yawns and smiles were contagious, but so too were emotions, optimism, pessimism, stress, happiness, unhappiness, habits, behaviors and many other things.

Be careful who you associate with. Your subconscious mind, through this network of mirror neurons, seeks to mirror the habits, behaviors, thinking and emotions of those you associate with on a regular basis.

If you associate with negative people, you will reflect back their negativity to those around you.

If you want to succeed in life, you must avoid associating with negative people, who will infect you with their negativity, making you repulsive to other success-minded people. 

Be a mirror of positivity by associating with other upbeat, optimistic people. This is the real Law of Attraction.



  1. Dan@RichLifeHabits on September 20, 2021 at 7:47 AM

    It’s good to know that there is real science behind the old quote, “You are an average of the 5 people you associate the most.” Positivity and optimism can be the best medicine and now I know they’re contagious!

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