Life is an Illusion

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Life is an illusion.

You transform the illusion of your life into reality through your thoughts.

That illusion, or vision, is what nudges you to take actions that are consistent with the illusion.

This ability to create an illusion is actually one of our greatest gifts, or Powers.

All human beings have the innate power to transform their current reality into an improved reality by creating an ALTERNATE DESIRED ILLUSION.

Let me repeat that:

All human being have the innate power to transform their current reality into an improved reality by creating an ALTERNATE DESIRED ILLUSION.

Your ability to imagine a better life is your greatest human power.

When you create an alternate desired illusion, your subconscious (Brain Stem and Limbic System) goes to work, behind the scenes, to help you transform your current reality into your alternate desired reality, through this Power of Illusion.

It does this when you hold onto that Illusion – when you continuously day dream, day after day, about your ideal alternate reality.

When your Illusion becomes fixed, the subconscious eventually nudges you to take action. You may not even understand why you are motivated to take certain actions, even while you’re taking them.

Only a few discover this innate Power of Illusion during their lifetime.

These few are often referred to as successful individuals or self-made individuals.

The good news is that everyone has this innate Power of Manifesting an Illusion.

The bad news is that hardly anyone uses it.

Instead, most accept their current state of reality as if it were imposed upon them by some outside force. They do not realize or believe that, within them, is the innate power to alter their life circumstances. Sadly, for most individuals, their reality is like a prison cell enslaving them for their entire lives.

Fools! Damn Fools!

In your pocket, the pocket of your mind, is the key to opening up the door of your prison cell to a new and wondrous world that awaits you. One which you create.

Life is an illusion, good or bad. It’s an illusion you, and you alone, transform into the reality you call your life.


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