Managing Expectations is a Rich Habit

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Various Studies indicate that the most common cause of unhappiness is unmet expectations.

Most humans seem to have an innate tendency of setting unrealistic expectations. We expect too much of others or we expect unrealistic outcomes when we pursue dreams and goals. We tend to look through rose-colored lenses, seeing only the best case scenarios.

And this innate tendency of setting unrealistic expectations, is a recipe for almost certain disappointment.

The key to avoiding disappointment and unhappiness is to manage expectations right out the gate. If you ask someone to perform a task for you, make sure your expectations of what they will deliver are realistic.

If you’re pursuing some dream, be realistic about it. Dreams oftentimes take many years to realize.

The most successful individuals manage their expectations. For instance, in pursuing some dream, they don’t expect immediate success. In fact, they expect problems, mistakes, obstacles and potholes. They are realistic about their expectations and, as a result, are very rarely disappointed.

And this is important because disappointment caused by unmet expectations can get you down emotionally and lead to a negative mental outlook. Too many disappointments can push you into quitting on your dreams and goals.

By managing expectations, the most successful people are able to maintain their positive outlook, which allows them to persist and never quit on their dream.

Take your expectations down a few notches. This way, when something does not go your way, you will not be dragged down into the abyss of negativity.


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  1. Denis Bouffard on December 27, 2021 at 10:31 AM

    It is great wisdom! A very important aspect of thinking and contemplating our future. Thank you for bringing it to our attention at this moment of the year.