Momentum is a Real Phenomenon

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Have you ever noticed that when things go wrong, they seem to go wrong in multiples?

The same is true when things go right. When you’re on a roll, everything seems to go your way.

Why is that?

It’s due to a strange, but very real phenomenon called Momentum.

Momentum exists because of two universal laws that work in unison:

#1 Like Attracts Like (Law of Attraction) and

#2 The Polarity of the Electromagnetic Energy Field

We all generate Electromagnetic Energy Fields (EEFs). EEFs given off by human beings can even be measured.

We can create EEFs with mere thoughts or “thought forms”. EEF thought forms can be negative or they can be positive. These negative or positive EEF thought forms are continuously floating in the ether, looking for a host.

Negative EEF Thought Forms

When something unexpectedly goes wrong in life, it causes most people to get down and become negative, resulting in the creation of negative EEF thought forms. Because like attracts like, prolonged negative EEF thought forms attract, like bugs to a light, the negative EEF thought forms floating around in the ether.

The more negative and prolonged your EEF thought forms, the more negativity you will attract. The more negativity you attract, the more things go wrong in your life.

Your negative thoughts can create Negative Momentum, causing a cascade of negative things to go wrong in your life.

When the trauma of the negative event passes, you return to your normal mental baseline, and the Negative Momentum comes to an end.

This is why a negative mindset is so dangerous and costly – it attracts negative things into your life.

Positive EEF Thought Forms

When something unexpectedly goes right in life, it will make most people feel happy and upbeat. If that positive mental outlook is prolonged, the positive EEF thought forms you generate will get the attention of, and attract, positive EEFs floating around in the ether, causing Positive Momentum.

This is why a positive mindset is so beneficial – it will attract positive things into your life. Making a positive mental outlook a daily habit will create continuous Positive Momentum.