The First Fifteen Minutes is the Hardest Part of the Journey to Success

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A body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. This is one of Newton’s three laws of physics.

Successful people are in perpetual motion. They are, every day, devoting their time to productive pursuits. These productive pursuits are almost always centered around their dreams and their goals. They do things every day that move them closer to realizing their dreams and achieving their goals.

But it’s not easy. It’s not easy because realizing your dreams and achieving your goals requires that you take action. The hardest part about taking action is starting.

Getting started is the hardest part of the pursuit of success because the action or actions you need to take often seem daunting. It’s like staring at a mountain that you are about to climb. All you see is the long, hard climb. When you visualize taking action this way, as if you have to climb a mountain, it’s much harder to take action.

So how do you get motivated to take action?

Answer: start small.

Instead of looking at the 10,000 steps you need to take to climb up the mountain, look only at the first step. To put this in context, just agree to spend 15 minutes each day to take action on one dream or goal.

Psychologically, this shifts your thinking from the mountain of activity, to something easy to manage. Once you get started, you will find yourself devoting more than 15 minutes to your daily actions.

When you commit to small steps, it’s just easier to start. The brain does not fight you when the action you need to take is small.

So, small steps in the beginning. Soon, you will find yourself taking larger steps. In time, all of those steps will bring you to the top of the mountain – the realization of your dreams and the goals behind those dreams.



  1. James Larkin on June 23, 2021 at 12:55 PM

    Excellent reminder !

  2. Diane on June 24, 2021 at 1:10 PM

    This is the exact reminder I needed to read today! Thanks always!