Children Raised By Super Parents Excel in Life – Here’s What it Takes to be a Super Parent

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When parenting goes right, children excel in life, are upstanding citizens and add tremendous value to society. According my my Rich Habits research, good parenting helps shortcut success. Children who are raised in stable, mentoring and loving households, grow up to beat the pants off their peers who were not so fortunate. Behind every successful child is a parent who mentored them to succeed.

What makes a parent a Super-Parent?

·  Super-Parents Read To Their Kids Daily.

·  Super-Parents Help Their Kids With Homework.

·  Super-Parents Attend Their Kids Sporting Events.

·  Super-Parents Are Affectionate.

·  Super-Parents Set and Enforce Rules.

·  Super-Parents Make Their Kids Do Chores and Volunteer.

·  Super-Parents Expose Their Kids to Diverse Activities in an Effort to Help Them Discover Their Innate Talents.

·  Super-Parents Play With Their Kids.

·  Super-Parents Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.

·  Super-Parents Inspire Their Kids.

·  Super-Parents Require Their Kids to Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthy.

·  Super-Parents Encourage Their Kids to Take Action and Fail, so They Can Learn From Their Failures and Mistakes.

·  Super-Parents Console Their Kids When They Hurt.

·  Super-Parents Make Their Kids to Laugh.

·  Super-Parents Lavish Their Kids With Love and Guidance, Not Stuff.

·  Super-Parents Infuse Their Kids With a Positive Mental Outlook.

·  Super-Parents Instill in Their Kids the Daily Reading Habit.

·  Super-Parents Teach Their Kids How to Save and Manage Money.

·  Super-Parents Exercise Regularly.

·  Super-Parents Love to Read and Learn.

·  Super-Parents Kiss and Hug Their Kids.

·  Super-Parents Turn Their Cell Phones Off When They Are With Their Kids.

·  Super-Parents Dance and Sing Around the House.

·  Super-Parents Know Every Friend Their Kids Have. They Also Know the Parents of Those Friends.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Gamble.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Make a Habit of Drinking in Excess, Especially Around Their Kids.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Do Drugs.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Lose Their Temper.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Hit Their Kids in Anger.

·  Super-Parents Are Not Couch Potatoes.

·  Super-Parents Do Not Break The Law.

·  Last – Super-Parents Associate With Other Super-Parents.



  1. Reaj on June 22, 2021 at 9:24 AM

    Love it . Thanks .

    • Reaj on June 22, 2021 at 9:25 AM

      Very good information . Eye opening .

  2. Bambi on June 22, 2021 at 12:01 PM

    I’m was a Super Parent and now my daughters is a Super Duper Parent.-:)