There’s a Very Good Reason Love is the Most Powerful Emotion

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Love is the most powerful emotion, followed by Fear of Death.

The main difference between these two powerful emotions is that when we take action to help those we Love, especially to protect them from harm, there is literally nothing that can stand in our way – not even the Fear of Death.

Love is the only emotion that can over power our instinctive desire to protect ourselves in order to survive.

And, there is a very good reason for this.

Love has been preprogrammed into every human being, at birth, in order to drive humans to help each other survive and to thrive. Love enables humans to do seemingly impossible things; things they would never be able to accomplish through other opposing emotions, such as anger, hate, envy or jealousy.

Love trumps all other emotions, specifically because it empowers us to run through brick walls, no matter the risk to life or limb.

The most amazing thing about Love, is that when you make Love a daily habit, you trigger another very powerful emotion, known as Bliss. When you make a habit of doing things for others, out of Love, the mere act of doing for others, out of Love, creates Bliss.

Bliss is the highest level of happiness one can experience in life.

Bliss is the reward for doing for others, out of Love.

The feeling that having wealth, money and riches gives you, simply cannot hold a candle to the feeling of true Bliss. The best use of wealth is to use that wealth to help improve the lives of others.

True Bliss is only possible when you live your life in service to others, out of Love for others.