Those Who Are Healthy Make More Money in Life

Rich Habits
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I’ve written extensively about the Rich Habits of eating less and eating healthy because I discovered in my Rich Habits Study, that’s what most self-made rich people do.

Self-made rich people, according to my research, exercised almost every day, moderated how much they ate and when they did eat, they ate healthy, for the most part.

With respect to eating less, my research indicates that the sweet spot for men is consuming no more than between 1,900 calories to 2,200 calories a day. For women, it is somewhere between 1,600 to 1,900 calories per day.

Many of the self-made millionaires in my study said that eating less helped boost their health, energy and longevity, which allowed them to work into their late 60’s and accumulate more wealth.

Since I completed my study, I’ve been on a sort of research quest to find independent studies that corroborated the claims made by my Rich Habits Study self-made millionaires.

What follows is some of the third-party research I uncovered.

CALERIE is a 2-year study on the health effects of reducing how much you eat each day.  In this study, 218 people were split into two groups.

Group #1 ate what they pleased. Group #2 cut their calories by 12%.

Group #2 saw a 10% reduction in overall body weight. Group #2 was able to maintain that weight loss for 2 years (the length of the study).

Group #2 saw a 4% reduction in blood pressure, a 6% reduction in cholesterol and a 47% reduction in C-Reactive Protein, a protein that causes heart disease.

The conclusion of this study was that eating less reduced chronic disease, boosted energy and increased your expectancy.

In another study done by Valter Longo, director of the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute, he found that a 34% – 54% drop in daily calories reduced blood sugar and IGF-1, a growth hormone.

Reduced levels of blood sugar are associated with reduced risk of Type II Diabetes.

Reduced levels of IGF-1 extend the life of cells in your body.

In this study, they also found that eating too much protein can dramatically increase the incidence of cancer by 400%.

The conclusion of this study was that eating less and eating right reduced chronic disease and increased your life expectancy.

The main take away here is to eat less and eat right. If you eat right and keep your calories down, you’ll live a longer, healthier life. A longer, healthier life increases your odds of realizing your dreams and achieving your goals.

As one of the self-made millionaires in my study said, “it’s hard to make money sitting in a hospital bed.”

It’s hard or impossible to realize your dreams and achieve your goals if you’re chronically ill.

Get healthy, your wealth depends on it.