Wake Up and Stop Acting Like a Zombie

Rich Habits
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What makes a zombie a zombie?

Zombies have no self-awareness. They are driven only by unconscious, instinctual behavior. They are on autopilot, oblivious to their surroundings. They are non-thinking beings, curious about nothing. Zombies do not think about their actions, the thoughts they’re thinking or the decisions they make. Zombies live in a world of negativity.

In my research, I’ve met a lot of zombies. Their lives are a mess. They struggle financially and wallow in poverty. Their zombie kids do the same, growing up to become adults who struggle financially.

To some extent, we all have a little bit of zombie inside us. We do things without much thought. We have habits, behavior and thinking that we’re not even conscious of.

How do you know you’ve got a little bit of zombie in you? Your life is dull. Your work bores you. Every day seems exactly like the day before. You’re tired all the time. You have no energy to do anything creative. You drink too much. You watch too much TV. You spend too much time on Facebook or the Internet. You eke out a living and struggle financially. You have excessive credit card debt. Your relationships are all on life support. You hang out with others who have zombies inside them. You are angry and frustrated with your life.

How do you shut down your inner zombie?


Self-Awareness is a human superpower. It allows you to objectively evaluate the thinking, actions, habits, emotions, decision-making and interactions with others, that might be dragging you down in life. Only through Self-Awareness is change possible, and this is precisely why Self-Awareness is Rich Habits #1 – the first and most important Rich Habit.

Only after you become aware, do you have a shot at making changes in your life that improve your life.

Baby steps are the key.

Make one habit change a month for a year. After a year your good habits will overpower your bad habits and your life will begin to change in a positive direction.

Your life will become better. Your mindset will shift from negative to positive. You will become happier about life. Your mind will burst with creative ideas. You will begin to grow and expand as an individual.

Another way to force change, besides baby steps, is to find something that you are passionate about and pursue it. Build a side business around anything that excites you, that stirs your emotions and inspires you. All of the habits you need to succeed at your new side gig will automatically manifest in an effort to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams

A third way to force change is to pick up some new skills. Do something that is outside your comfort zone and enables you to grow. Paint, write a book, create an app, start a blog, etc.

Those who struggle in life are doing unconscious things that are undermining their lives. They do not challenge themselves or push themselves outside their comfort zones. they get stuck in routines that are not helping them grow as human beings.

If you want to stop living life like a zombie:

  • Start tracking your daily habits, thinking and emotions so you can identify what’s holding you back in life.
  • Pursue something novel and creative.
  • Practice new skills.