Toxic Friends

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Some time ago, one of my subscribers/followers reached out to me for advice. I’ll call her Jane.

So, Jane was having relationship issues. Two of her childhood friends were creating unnecessary drama in her life.

The drama was trickling down and damaging some of Jane’s other good relationships. So, I told Jane to pull back from her two toxic childhood friends.

After about four months Jane called to thank me. She had done as I advised. She ceased all communications with her two toxic friends. She said since she had distanced herself from her two toxic friends, she had eliminated much of the unnecessary stress in her life and her damaged good relationships repaired over time.

Toxic friends put you in awkward situations by their behavior. When you remove them from your life, their behaviors no longer affect you and those inside your inner circle, because they’re out of the picture.

Whenever one of your relationships repeatedly creates undue stress in your life, they are by definition a toxic relationship and they need to be removed.

Once removed, the the drama and stress they carry around with them wherever they go, like luggage, disappears.


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