What is Your Legacy Going to Be?

Rich Habits
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When you succeed, and are rewarded financially for your success, it has repercussions that, according to my research, affects future generations.

I’m not just talking about money.

Sure, wealth can give your children and grandchildren a leg up, if that wealth is deployed towards noble things like higher education.

I’m talking about the non-money intangibles.

Children watch everything their parents do. They watch them as they pursue a dream. They watch them strive to achieve the goals behind their dream. They see their daily habits at work in pursuit of their goals. They witness their daily behavior in overcoming adversity. They become infected by their parents’ Rich Thinking and Positive mentoal Outlook, two traits critical to success.

Success is generational. It can impact multiple generations by virtue of the intangibles, like Rich Habits and a Positive Mental Outlook, that get passed along from one generation to the next.

And those intangibles are far more valuable than money. When you succeed, in whatever it is you are pursuing, the intangibles you pass on to your children create a legacy of success that can last generations.



  1. Robin Wood on October 19, 2021 at 5:43 PM

    Very well said

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