Why Do Some People Seem to Have the Midas Touch?

Rich Habits

You’ve no doubt had your fill of stories about successful entrepreneurs who failed often before achieving success.

Abraham Lincoln failed six times in politics before he was elected President of the United States.

Henry Ford’s first automobile company went bankrupt.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times with the incandescent light bulb.

R.H. Macy failed seven times before figuring it out.

There are enough successful failures out there to fill volumes of success books.

But history is also replete with stories of successful individuals who did not experience failure.

Andrew Carnegie experienced nothing but success in his march to making millions. Benjamin Franklin, America’s first millionaire, succeeded in just about every endeavor. Warren Buffet’s rise to billionaire status was all but uninterrupted.

My point is that you don’t need to graduate from the school of hard knocks in order to succeed. There’s an easier way.

You just need to adopt good daily success habits. Success habits put your life on autopilot.

Habits are automatic, subconscious behaviors, thinking, decisions and emotions.

Most are not even aware of the habits they have.

The Midas Touch is nothing other than having good daily success habits.

To the untrained eye, those who have this Midas Touch, seem to coast through life realizing one success after another. But the reality is these individuals have incorporated good daily success habits into their lives and, as a result, have put their pursuit of success on autopilot.

Why go at success the hard way when the easier approach is to simply mimic the daily habits of successful people.

What are some of these Success Habits?

  • Reading to Learn 30 Minutes a Day – Reading material every day that is related to your industry, career or side gig will help you acquire the knowledge you need in order to become a knowledge-based Virtuoso in your field.
  • Practice 2-4 Hours Every Day – If what you do to earn money is skill-based, practicing your skill 2-4 hours every day will help you become a skill-based Virtuoso in field.
  • Write What You Know – Start a blog and begin writing what you know. Share your knowledge with others. Writing forces you to a higher level because you must be able to articulate what you know in words.
  • Speak – Thanks to the explosion of YouTube and Podcasting it’s easy to share your knowledge with others. Also, getting up in front of a group of people to share your knowledge forces you to a higher level – you must really know your topic and be able to answer any questions individuals in the group your addressing might have.
  • Read 3 Books – If you want to learn something new, read three books on the topic. I did this before I decided to write my first book and also when I was trying to understand how the brain works, so that I could understand how habits work. After the first book, the material will begin to become familiar. After the third book, you’ll have a very good understanding of the new material.
  • Experiment With a New Skill – One of the secrets to success is the ability to combine existing skills with new skills. Scott Adams did this and it helped make his Dilbert comic strip an international success. It takes about three months in order for a new skill to become muscle memory.
  • Forge Relationships With Influencers – Influencers have the ability to open doors that are otherwise closed to you. Building these relationships requires daily work – Hello Calls, Happy Birthday Calls and Life Event Calls. These three tools allow you to keep in contact with Influencers and this helps grow the relationship. Over time, you will build trust and familiarity with each Influencer and when the time is right, they will be there to open doors for you.



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