Your Destination Must Be as Clear as a Picture

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Most have seen the Wizard of Oz. The focal point of that movie is the yellow brick road. Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road in order to get to her destination – the City of Oz. But that road is fraught with all sorts of dangers and obstacles she must overcome.

The path you take in the pursuit of each of your dreams is very much like that yellow brick road. You will face all sorts of problems, obstacles and dangers that you must overcome. What keeps you moving forward is a clear picture of your destination. You must be able to see your City of Oz.

Are you pursuing a dream? Is your destination as clear as a picture?

Most don’t have a specific picture of what awaits them at the end of their journey. When you cannot clearly visualize the end, it is impossible to complete your journey. If you can’t see the end clearly, you will get lost along the way. You’ll get distracted.

The end, your destination, must be definitive, clear, specific and something simple for your mind to anchor itself onto.

For me, my end, my destination, is becoming a specific person – JC Jobs.

JC Jobs is the main character in my books Rich Habits, Rich Kids and Effort-Less Wealth. JC represents the future, best version of me. He is very specific to me. I see him clearly every day.

I know exactly what my destination looks like.

Before you set out in pursuit of your dream, make sure you are very clear about what awaits you at the end of your journey. That end needs to be very clear, very specific and very personal.

Being rich, is not an end.

A desire to travel, is not an end.

Wanting to retire some day, is not an end.

They are too vague. They lack specificity. Your City of Oz must be very clear.

Here are some examples of destinations to help you:

  • I want to be a best-selling author.
  • I want to be a highly sought after speaker.
  • I want to own a house by the beach.
  • I want to have $2 million in savings or retirement when I am 65 years old.
  • I want to be a CPA, Attorney, Neurosurgeon, Astronaut, Priest, etc.
  • I want to grow my company and sell it for $3 million when I am 65 years old.
  • I want to pay off my mortgage to my home by the age of 65.
  • I want to sell 1 million books within ten years.
  • I want to lose 20 pounds by the end of this year.
  • I want to run a marathon in six months.
  • I want to become a professional tennis player by age 20.
  • I want to be able to bench 300 pounds in two years.

When you are clear about your destination, no dangers, no obstacles, no problems, no uncertainties and no doubts will be able to stop you from reaching it.

Clarity gives you laser-like focus.

When you are able to see your City of Oz, almost nothing can stop you from reaching your destination.



  1. Sam Smith on September 24, 2021 at 9:03 AM

    Like todays read Tom. “Clear as a picture….specificity….

    – a ‘mind mapping’ approach I came across recently: “Write out the top 3 goals in the following areas: Spiritual….Health…Family…Business….$…” (…then I added travel…social…community…)

    – what is unique is the top 3 as I tend to write more or less…
    – KEY – attach a date to the goal.

    – This is separate from my list of Values and Non Values.

    Have a good weekend Tom!

    Sam Pttsbrugh.

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