Why Are Some People Able to Glide Through Life?

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Have you ever noticed that there are some people who seem to glide through life?

For some individuals, it takes many years to get good at a particular task, while for others it takes almost no time at all.

You see it all the time in sports. There are those who spend years and years hitting a tennis ball, or dribbling a basketball or pitching a baseball. Then someone comes along, and in a fraction of the time, they are either at your level or way beyond your level.

No matter how hard you work, there are those who make you feel inferior. And it’s frustrating.

Why is that?

Each one of us has in-born talents. These are natural abilities that are hardwired into your DNA. We are all born with certain talents, certain strengths. And life wants you to engage in those activities you are naturally good at.

If you want to glide through life, you have to find your inner talents and then devote your life to perfecting them. You must focus on what you’re naturally good at if you want to glide through life. When you focus on what you’re good at, life rewards you with success, money and happiness.

When you don’t use your innate talents, life punishes you with poverty or mediocrity …. and unhappiness.

When you pick up certain tasks easily, that is a sign that you have tapped into an innate talent. Your only job then is to devote yourself to improving that talent for the rest of your life.

How do you find what you’re good at?

You must experiment with novel things. Things you never did before. Keep pecking away until you find something that comes easy to you.

Anything that comes easy to you will fill you will joy, motivation and passion. You’ll simply want to engage in that activity over and over again. When you tap into an innate talent, the emotional part of the brain is activated and infuses you with passion. Passion is the beacon, the guiding light in the darkness, that shows you the path of your true calling in life.

When you find and pursue your in-born talents, life becomes infinitely easier. It will feel like you are gliding through life.



  1. Boon Ang on September 27, 2021 at 10:03 AM

    All above, Very True. Know one’s natural capabilities likings and strengths even if it seemed menial and lowly in nature. Like Carpentry, Gardening, Plumbing, Restoring damaged, soiled broken articles and things. Ability to see and visualise good outcomes of natural available materials and turning them into useful decorative parts of furnitures and fittings etc.

  2. Diane on September 27, 2021 at 11:28 AM

    The title of this article- my siblings tell me this all the time. I think having a good attitude and not giving up on things that need to be done help!

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  4. Dan@RichLifeHabits on September 28, 2021 at 3:08 PM

    Practice makes perfect. I found something that I like and am somewhat good at. From there, I practiced and got better to refine my skills to somewhat glide through with little effort. I think the biggest part is continuing to work on your skillset to make it seem like you’re gliding. You can master something because your habits force you to get better.