Your Habits, Good or Bad, Dictate the Circumstances of Your Life

Rich Habits
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When you think about habits, visualize a seesaw.

On one side of the seesaw are your Bad Habits and on the other side are your Good Habits.

If you have more Bad Habits than Good Habits, your life will reflect that: poor health, financial struggles, difficulty maintaining relationships, difficulty holding down a job and other unwanted things await those with too many Bad Habits.

If you have more Good Habits than Bad Habits your life will reflect that: superior health, financially secure, strong relationships and steady employment await those with an abundance of Good Habits.

Adding just one Rich Habit is often all it takes to get your seesaw tipping in the right direction.


Each Rich Habit you adopt automatically causes the creation of Complimentary Habits.

For example, imagine you are overweight. In an effort to lose some weight, you decide to start jogging every day – a Rich Habit. As the weight comes off, those within your inner circle take notice and tell you how wonderful you look.

This stokes your ego.

Soon, you find yourself cutting back on unhealthy food and consume more nutritious, lower-calorie food. You also decide to cut back on how much alcohol you consume. Healthy eating and moderate alcohol consumption are Complimentary Habits.

These Complimentary Habits result in further weight-loss. Once again, those within your inner circle take notice and stoke your ego further with more kind words.

If you smoke, you will likely find yourself cutting back or even quitting your cigarette smoking Bad Habit, because doing so improves your breathing, allowing you to increase how many miles you’re able to jog every week, causing further weight loss.

When you add just one Rich Habit, it has a domino effect on all of your other habits, tipping your seesaw in the right direction and changing your life for the better!



  1. Diane on October 28, 2021 at 7:33 AM

    This was a fun way to see habits. Thanks!

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