Habits Eliminate the Grind

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Grit is just another word for persistence.

Persistence, above all other success variables, is the most important trait of successful self-made millionaires. Refusing to quit on a dream is the definition of persistence.

But being persistent requires that you work hard and grind it out. You must do certain things every day that move you closer to realizing your dreams and your goals.

This idea of “grinding it out” is not very appealing. The visual I see when I hear that phrase is Sisyphus, forever pushing a ball up a hill.

Who wants to grind it out, day after day.

No one does. I certainly don’t.

Fortunately, our amazing brains figured this out a very long time ago – and created habits.

Habits automate daily action. Because habits are automatic, unconscious behaviors and thinking, they take the grind out of the pursuit of any dream or goal. Habits automatically make you persistent, without the need to rely on willpower in order to take action.

Adopting good success habits means you don’t have to grind it out. Habits made success easier because they enable you to grind it out without really feeling like you are.

Habits eliminate the grind.


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  1. DINAH FELTON on January 4, 2021 at 8:30 PM

    I enjoyed that reading. I will work on having better habits.