Leadership Series: Common Traits of Successful Leaders. Trait #19 Process Perfectionists

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Behind every Leadership success story are Proven Processes.

All Successful Leaders follow a proven process, a process that, through experimentation, consistently works.

While organizational dreams, and the goals behind those dreams are important, even more important is creating a process that will lead to the achievement of your organization’s goals and realization of your organization’s dreams.

Successful Leaders are obsessed with creating some process that transforms dreams and goals into reality. Without a proven process, dreams and goals are unreachable.

Successful Leaders focus on creating a process that works because they understand that proven processes force everyone on their team to pull the same cart the same way and in the same direction. With every member of an organization pulling the cart as one, company-wide goals are much easier to achieve and organizational success, much easier to attain.

Eventually, those organizational processes eventually become organizational habits and this is important because process habits automate organizational success, improving the bottom line.

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