Leadership Series: Common Traits of Successful Leaders. Trait #9 Clear Vision

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Successful Leaders have a detailed, well thought-out plan for the future of the company they work for and because of that clear vision, they are able to get their management and employees to buy into that plan.

This means everyone in the organization is pulling the same cart, in the same direction.

Successful Leaders in my Rich Habits Study pursued activities that helped move their company forward in the realization of their very clear company goals and company dreams. And because Successful Leaders have a very clear vision of their destination, no problems, obstacles or adversity will stop them from persistently and relentlessly moving forward, toward that destination.

So, having a clear vision creates Persistence, another Trait of Successful Leaders.

Successful Leaders understand that without a Blueprint, there really is no way to know which company-wide activities are meaningful and which are meaningless.

Without a Blueprint, there is no way to know if a Leader’s activities and the activities of those the Leader oversees are creating results that will help the company realize its goals and dreams. These Leaders understand that without a clear vision of their destination, their company has no clear destination, no unifying mission to pursue as a team.

A clear vision becomes a blueprint for the company to follow, bringing everything they are pursuing into focus.

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